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Are you looking for the house of your dreams but they offer you things you don’t like?

What is perhaps not clear in the real estate market and that should be carefully defined is the fact that a real estate agency doesn’t sell houses. Before the reader widens his eyes and thinks that the writer has gone mad because of a virus, let’s define exactly what the actual product of a real estate agency is.

A real estate agency doesn’t sell houses, doesn’t sell assets, but sells a service aimed at those looking for the home of their dreams, and this service is professional assistance and advice for those looking for a home.

Unfortunately, too many agencies and agents are not clear on the task of their work and limit themselves to trying to feed the person concerned some properties in an often forced way because they were the only ones available.

This is because the starting point was the “mandate to sell” from an owner or construction company to the agency. So there was a property to sell and someone was looking for to put this house or apartment on. This has often led to deviation from the real estate agency’s main purpose being a service provider rather than just a seller of things, in this case real estate.

One difficulty in finding a home is the waste of time on his visits. He must contact several agencies, he must understand how each agency works, he must try to understand the professionalism and reliability of the real estate agent he comes into contact with.

Furthermore, he must see houses and solutions, often far from what he was looking for, not because he was unable to explain what he was looking for but because the people he spoke to were trying, in one way or another, to convey it to their catalog , often forcing the choice. This way of operating now shows the side of the new needs and parameters of the market.

Is there another way to buy a house? Yes!

It’s called “Research Mandate”; you come into contact with a serious and professional real estate agency. It could be, for example, Orizzonte Casa Sardegna and the professionalism and knowledge of the territory by the agency is verified.

At this point you meet the agent and explain in detail what you are looking for. Budget and important factors are illustrated. The agent is at the service of the buyer. Why give them misleading or incomplete information? It would only complicate or delay things.

When the agent has well understood what the potential buyer is looking for, a “Research Mandate” is drawn up and signed. This mandate gives the agent the opportunity to move around the area in search of the optimal solution.

Now the agent has:

a) an exact description of what the person seeks, including the types of well-being or satisfaction the buyer seeks

b) a budget accompanied by multiple information that allows him to understand when and if a property could be the right solution for his client from a financial point of view.

This allows him to search for a property in the area. The agent knows the area and therefore his search will be easier and faster.

He has more bargaining power than the customer. A real estate agent is always a potential source of buyers for a seller, especially if the seller is a construction company. Better purchase conditions can always arise. The agent also knows a lot of information on legal, cadastral and financial aspects. And it can carry out its work of protection towards its client.

If you are looking for a house in the Budoni or San Teodoro area, ask us for more information on this new way to approach the real estate market.

Asking for information costs you nothing. Sign up for a research mandate is free.

And you could even find your dream home, effortlessly.

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