Energy Efficiency Certification

The A.P.E. Energy Efficiency Certificate (before the modifications of Decree 63/2013 it was called A.C.E) is the document that provides the assessment of the energy consumption of a building, house or apartment. It can be issued after a property inspection and survey by an “accredited subject” called energy certifier,  throughout a control tool that synthesizes the energy performance of buildings with a scale from A4 to G (10 letter scale). At the time of buying or renting a property, besides being mandatory, it is useful to have information about energy consumption and to clarify the real value of high energy saving buildings.

The Energy Efficiency Certificate must be:

  • drawn up according to related regional regulations. About half of the Italian regions have not yet adopted their own regulations, in this case the law in force is the national law (Legislative Decree 192/05)
  • issued by an “accredited subject” with specific expertise in the field of energy efficiency applied to buildings. The energy certifier is usually an enabling technician capable of designing buildings and installations such as an architect or an engineer
  • registered in the regional database related to building’s energy efficiency, so that it will be stamped to show that the local Town Hall has accepted it.

Why it is required?

Since 2013 the Energy Efficiency Certificate is required by law in case of property purchase, property rentals, property ownership transfers or in case of renovations and newly built houses in Italy, and  energy performance indices have to be mentioned in real estate ads.

Certifying the energy performance of a property is intended to improve its performance and reward the ones that are most efficient. In fact, the more the home is consideredenergy-efficient, the most the house can benefit economically (cheaper maintenance costs, increase of value). Once issued, an energy performance certificate is valid for 10 years.

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