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With the aim of offering top-value advice to its clients, Orizzonte Casa Sardegna manages the supply of high added-value services ranging from the acquisition and management of assets to the placement of those assets on the market. Clients can count on a team of experts supporting them in what they need –  from careful documents checking tod any other aspect of the property management. Orizzonte Casa Sardegna operates in the following areas:

  • management, development and enhancement of real estate portfolios
  • search for and identification of new investment opportunities
  • search for business premises or commercial farmhouses
  • technical and financial feasibility analysis
  • coordination of Property Management Services (enhancement and income and/or sale)
  • property inspection of landregister and mortgages management
  • design, execution and development of real estate projects
  • checking of all administrative and legal procedures, relationships with public administrations
  • project definition: types of actions, intended uses, etc.
  • budget and work theme determination and management (designers, contractors, etc.)
  • coordination of execution phases
  • cost and timing control
  • marketing of real estate assets
  • market analysis and sale/purchase pricing
  • assistance in contractual and legal processes (drawing of preliminary agreements, final deeds of sale, Land Registry procedures, etc.)
  • registration of private acts

Orizzonte Casa Sardegna

Orizzonte Casa Sardegna is a real estate consulting agency based in Sardinia, puts the experience of over fifteen years of activity in real estate brokerage in north-eastern Sardinian coasts at its customers service

Orizzonte Casa Sardegna

Orizzonte Casa Sardegna è un’azienda di consulenza immobiliare con sede in Sardegna, che pone al servizio dei propri clienti l’esperienza, la professionalità e la competenza conseguite con il costante e continuo studio dello scenario economico immobiliare nell’arco di oltre quindici anni di operatività nella mediazione immobiliare sulla costa nord orientale della Sardegna.

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