Buying a holiday home in Costa Smeralda

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Why buy a holiday home in Costa Smeralda?

Sardinia, an island of infinite beauty and with one of the most beautiful seas in the world. Lucky those who live there, wise those who decide to do so by buying a property on the beautiful island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. There is more than one reason to buy a house in Sardinia and especially in Costa Smeralda. The coastal stretch of the Gallura in the north-east of the island has become one of the most famous summer holiday destinations in the world. Then, the blue sea is crisscrossed by meter-long yachts and the beaches are overlooked by magical villas that offer all amenities one could wish for. So why buy a holiday home in Sardinia?

The beauty of the island

The number one reason is certainly the beauty of the island with its crystalline sea. A unique landscape that satisfies everyone: young people, couples, families with children and more. There are numerous beaches that are worth visiting and with a holiday home in Costa Smeralda as a reference point you can reach a different one every day.

The weather

Who said Sardinia is good only in summer? The Mediterranean climate allows you to go to the beach at any time of the year, even during the usually mild winter. You can take advantage of the purchase of a holiday home in Costa Smeralda not only in summer but also in the previous months (March, April and May) and subsequent months (October and November).


Having a holiday home in the Costa Smeralda area isn’t so common, especially because the 1968 environmental protection legislation prevents new subdivisions and constrains the urban development of the territories for about 450 km in the areas of Olbia, Arzachena, Palau, La Maddalena, Santa Teresa di Gallura and Aglientu. All new buildings are part of old subdivisions that are running out of stock. Thereofore, the value of the properties in this area is likely to remain stable, making it a safe investment.

Economic investment

You don’t buy a holiday home in Costa Smeralda just for the beauty of Sardinia. Another important factor is seeing real estate as an economic investment. It can represent a future capital gain if you decide to resell. You can also generate an income by renting out the property during the summer months, which however, is always connected to making an investment. It is difficult to determine the cheapest deal for buying a holiday home in Costa Smeralda – ir just depends on your budget and your needs.

Life in Sardinia

The quality of life, culture and tradition make Sardinia one of the most fascinating and spectacular places to live. The flavors of the food, the air of the sea, an uncontaminated territory and a very low mortality rate – that certainly cannot be a coincidence. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy a property in the most beautiful island in the world.

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