Rented holiday home: why do it?

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Rented holiday home: why do it?

Let’s start from the beginning: what does it mean to buy a house for an annuity? It means buying a property to rent it and therefore have a profit. This is often done with holiday homes, which can be used at the same time for personal use or to be rented out for short periods.

Investing in a property is always a good idea. Even more so if your intention is to buy a vacation home for a rent. According to the data collected in 2019, today it is better to invest your money by buying a property, in order to make it profitable with a rent. In fact, while the prices of house sales are firm, rents are always on the rise. So why not take advantage of it?

Before making an investment of this kind, however important, you need to make the right assessments. There will be taken into account the purchase cost, any expenses to put it back in place and the costs to maintain it over time. Don’t be fooled by too low and convenient prices, which could hide unpleasant surprises.

Rented holiday home in Sardinia

The ideal would be to buy a holiday home in north of Sardinia, one of the most popular summer vacation destinations, and then rent it out. The rental price will obviously different from the period. In the high season – July and August – the rental price will obviously be higher, while in the low season – June and September – lower.

The data of recent years speak for themselves, the interest in holiday homes in Sardinia is constantly increasing and often the requests even exceed the offer, especially in the north of the island. A considerable advantage for those who own a house in Sardinia and decide to rent it for short periods to tourists.

In addition, making a home with an income today has become extremely simple thanks to the internet. There are many online services, such as Airbnb and other competing sites, which will allow you in a few simple clicks to register and make your rental property available to potential tourists for short periods.

So what are you waiting for to buy your property on the most beautiful island in the world? On the Orizzonte Casa Sardegna website you will find the best houses available in the area of ​​Budoni, Olbia, San Teodoro, Costa Smeralda and more.

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