Coronavirus: how does the pandemic affect the real estate market?

The Coronavirus has inevitably affected the lives of all of us – in such a short amount of time. Every decision we take is somehow influenced by the pandemic, including buying a property. But is it worth investing in real estate under these circumstances? Or is it better to sell? Are prices going up or […]

Buying a new home: checklist

Are you thinking about buying a new home but aren’t quite sure yet? Do you have your eye on a property that seems just right for you but want to take a last, clear look? Buying a property is undoubtedly an important financial step for everyone, whether it is about buying your own home or […]

New construction home: advantages of buying one

The process of buying a new home often involves a lot of thought and assessment. One of the main questions that arises is: would it be better to buy a new house or a property already built and used? Choosing one or the other is not the same thing. You have to consider many aspects, […]

Why should you sell your house through real estate agencies

5+1 reasons to sell your house through real estate agencies The spread of online real estate ads has created a false myth: the figure of the real estate agent is no longer essential because even individuals can enter proposals and negotiations taking place quietly between individuals and without intermediaries. In this article we talk about […]

Go back home buying a North Sardinia Holiday Home

North Sardinia Holiday Home Someone, thinking of Sardinia, recognizes that mythical island of which the philosopher Plato spoke 2500 years ago, called Atlantis, the earthly paradise of the ancients. Who live there know what perfume of wisdom, solemnity and brotherhood emanate from these lands. The island is characterized by its tranquillity, white sandy beaches and […]

Liability of the Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent I am inspired by a telephone conversation with a customer who asked me the following question: “What are your responsibilities in case of problems with the property?” Basically, the customer asked me if, following the sale, urban planning problems should arise (building abuses, discrepancies with the project, judicial mortgages and any prejudicial […]

North Sardinia Real Estate Agency

Are you looking for the house of your dreams but they offer you things you don’t like? What is perhaps not clear in the real estate market and that should be carefully defined is the fact that a real estate agency doesn’t sell houses. Before the reader widens his eyes and thinks that the writer […]

Sardinia Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes in Sardinia: a paradise for everyone? When I read certain quotes about Sardinia, my stomach gets sick. It’s described as a wild and sleepy island where for centuries, it goes round and round, not much has happened. Nothing more wrong. The more I read, the more I realize that our history is very […]

Why rely on a real estate agent

The real estate agent is useless nowadays! Now, even a private individual who wants to sell a house never has to do is put up a nice SALE sign with their contact details, take some photos, write the text of an ad and insert it within a series of real estate advertising portals and various […]

Sardinia and the law of real estate usucapione

Sardinia and the law of real estate usucapione Anyone who has entered the real estate market in Sardinia will probably have encountered the age-old question of the lack of property titles for a large portion of the local assets. The question certainly generates confusion and suspicion and often it is not easy to understand why […]

Rented holiday home: why do it?

Rented holiday home: why do it? Let’s start from the beginning: what does it mean to buy a house for an annuity? It means buying a property to rent it and therefore have a profit. This is often done with holiday homes, which can be used at the same time for personal use or to […]

Buying a holiday home in Costa Smeralda

Why buy a holiday home in Costa Smeralda? Sardinia, an island of infinite beauty and with one of the most beautiful seas in the world. Lucky those who live there, wise those who decide to do so by buying a property on the beautiful island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. There is more than […]

My Heart is in The Island .. or .. Sardinia “Sea” for yourself!

Sardinia…not just an island, but in a certain sense a small continent. The second largest island in the Mediterranean, in a central and strategic position just south of Corsica and only 150 km west of mainland Italy, this surprisingly little-known region of Italy can amaze with the variety of landscapes, beaches, mountains, culture and beauty […]

Why invest into a holiday home for your children

Buying a holiday home for your children: why do it? Buying a property for their children is the desire of many parents. Times have changed: leaving your money on the bank is not as secure as it used to be and the younger generation is less likely to invest in their own home early on. […]

The horizon of a real estate investment

Ours is a very hectic world. To the point that, at times, it can make us forget what the correct time horizon for our investments is. It is undeniable that buying a second home, by definition, is largely a matter of investment. Even when we are guided by a desire that we have carried in […]

Orizzonte Casa Sardegna

Orizzonte Casa Sardegna is a real estate consulting agency based in Sardinia, puts the experience of over fifteen years of activity in real estate brokerage in north-eastern Sardinian coasts at its customers service

Orizzonte Casa Sardegna

Orizzonte Casa Sardegna è un’azienda di consulenza immobiliare con sede in Sardegna, che pone al servizio dei propri clienti l’esperienza, la professionalità e la competenza conseguite con il costante e continuo studio dello scenario economico immobiliare nell’arco di oltre quindici anni di operatività nella mediazione immobiliare sulla costa nord orientale della Sardegna.

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